Improve Equipment Efficiency


According to the Department of Energy a programmable thermostat can reduce your heating costs by up to 35% and your air conditioning costs by up to 25%. Programmable thermostats allow you to manage your home's comfort and change your system settings quickly and easily.

Most models offer menu-driven programming and effortless set-up. The models we recommend are easy to read, easy to use and have large, clear, backlit digital displays.


The Attic Tent is a specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas. It is a practical and economical solution to a problem of wasted energy through and around the attic door and stairs.

The engineers at InsulSure™ attempted to solve the problem of attic stair air transfer/loss from the perspective of the homeowner and have designed a product that not only significantly reduces air loss and lowers energy bills but provides safe and easy zipper accessibility into your attic.


Other than cooling the air, the primary function of air conditioners is dehumidifying the air for creating a comfortable environment. The water let out after dehumidification is then drawn off. With the air conditioner installed in the attic the water draining could pose as a serious threat. If the drain clogs, there are heightened possibilities that the condensation will trickle from the air conditioner and start soaking the ceiling.

The ceiling saver kit works with your existing system to prevent the emergency overflow pan from filling completely and leaking on to your ceiling. In the event that the device detects the overfilling of the pan, it will turn off your air conditioning unit and prevent expensive sheetrock and water damage repairs.